Here at Retro Heads we understand the creative power clothing holds. We also know the nostalgic feeling vintage clothing in particular can bring forth. No one can deny, there was something magical about the 80’s and 90’s— maybe it was the music, the culture, or perhaps just the vibrancy of it all. Whatever it was, you couldn’t help but fall in love. So, with all this in mind, the reason behind the creation  of Retro Heads was quite simple: we loved vintage clothing so much we decided to collect as many rare finds as we could. But of course, we couldn’t keep all this magic to ourselves!


What started off as a small hat business in early 2010 quickly turned into a passion, and developed further than we ever could have imagined. After launching our store in Toronto’s Kensington Market in 2018 our passion was finally given a home. Our hope is that whether you’re shopping online, or physically in store, this magic will find its way to you wherever you are.